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(the song has been glitching up a bit for me so the file might be slightly corrupted, but bear with me and if it works for you, please listen to it)

If you listened to this song for the first time completely without context, would you have guessed that it was from a Care Bears movie? Probably not. Say what you will about the film itself, but, to me, the best part of this movie is the music, including this and the other songs, which can have deeper meanings to them if you look at them with a more mature eye.

That’s the great thing about Care Bears in the 80s, specifically in the first and second movies. They weren’t afraid to take themselves seriously, even though they were based on a toyline meant for young children. (Much like what MLP FiM is doing today.)

Kids could watch them and be entertained, and now that those kids are grown up, they can watch them again and still love them, as well as see things they never saw as kids, in terms of story and such. Even after all these years the films still hold up, at least in my opinion. 

Now, the new Care Bear reboots are not bad by any means, and I love them just as much as I love the original line, (heck, I grew up with the 2002 reboot myself!) but, to me, they’re kinda missing the mark in terms of what the 80s generation was able to accomplish. It seems like they’re kinda pandering to kids, in a sense, which I guess is what they’re trying to do in the first place. But if you make a toyline/show for kids, why not make it appeal to the older crowd as well? 

I’ll have you know that it is possible to retain the franchise’s core values and morals, while still making it appeal to both kids and adults alike, (looking at you, MLP FiM) but I have yet to see the Care Bears achieve this. Maybe someday. 

The Care Bears fandom is pretty tiny, (to put this in perspective: even before Friendship is Magic, the MLP fandom was bigger than the Care Bear fandom ever was) but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we want a reboot that’s on par with FiM’s quality. 

Coming back around to the above song. When I first heard it (and saw the accompanying visuals) during the credits of the film, I legit started crying. And I NEVER cry at movies. I cried because I was invested in these characters. I cared about them. And if they can make a CB reboot where I can become that invested in the characters again, then I’ll know that they did it right this time. (not that they haven’t before)

tl;dr: I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS SONG AND CARE BEARS IN GENERAL OKAY? also the care bears need a quality reboot that’s on par with FiM please and thank you

Honestly, it’s thanks to how ingrained this song and the ending credits imagery is on my memory that I sometimes forget it actually had an unambiguously HAPPY ending.

  • Track: Forever Young
  • Artist: Carol Parks
  • Album: CareBears II: A New Generation
  • Plays: 50