Hi there. I like Minecraft, furries, and Homestuck. I like to be gender ambiguous unless you know me personally, but I could really care less about what pronouns you use for me, for you peeps who care about that sort of thing. Learn more about me on my "About" page, and please send me asks if you're not shy.
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My headcanon is that Ninten is a really chill cool guy but he doesn’t try to be (although he does lose his temper sometimes). And people really look up to him but he’s really oblivious to it.

Ana has a really obvious crush on him and sorta fawns over him their entire adventure but because of Ninten’s oblivious nature he doesn’t notice and he treats her like anyone, super nice! But as soon as Ana confesses to him he has a sudden realization that he really digs this chick and always had and gets really nervous.

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All the EB0 kiddies are pixels so the fans have to headcanon a lot of stuff about them, including eye color. 

If it was uncomfortable seeing a MOTHER character talk about this subject imagine how uncomfortable it is for albino people IRL to be told that they can’t have albinism since they don’t have red eyes like the characters they’ve seen in video games do.

To be honest, I think Lloyd having albinism could have been intentional. Let’s not forget that grandpa Itoi has said that he includes characters who aren’t average so he can spread the message that people like this exist and shouldn’t be rejected for simply being who they are.

Representing such characters accurately was important to him, and it’s important to me too, bloop bloop